I'm starting a podcast

July 2022

Creating 2D Illustration based normal mapsListen now (5 min) | This podcast accompanies an article I have written. Please refer to the article for images and videos to help explain this process…
2D to 3D Laigter to Curvy 3D DragonListen now (6 min) | Link to the written article with pictures and videos is here: https://theartsquirrel.com/2479/2d-to-3d-laigter-to-curvy-3d-dragon/

March 2022

I wrote a few things since my last update here

December 2021

What a year.... or "what year"

September 2021

Updates from the website for this month

August 2021

I’ve been drawing goldfish and creating new 3D models this month. I also started a shop on my website and I’m starting by selling t-shirts with my…
Welcome to my Newsletter / mini blog by me, Christine. I write a blog about digital art called the Art Squirrel and work on self initiated Illustration…